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Rev. Andrew Baker
Chaplain, Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club W4VO

Welcome to the Chaplain's Corner! This page is designed as a monthly posting of encouragement for “Hams” with an interest in current events and spiritual truth. This is number 32 dated 01-19-14  

 Frequency Waves and Prayer   

Today I am reviewing the quadratic formula which is the polynomial formula ax + bx + c with the difference that "X" of the "ax" is squared.  X sub 1 (the first x) can be raised to any power (the exponent). The value of the exponent is also called the degree of the equation, so X to the 5th power is a 5th degree quadratic.

I am thinking that in theory, if the exponent value is eternity, a radio frequency wave will cross the x axis (from peak to peak) out beyond eternity space. But, it seems to all break down because of 2 influences;

1). the deterioration of EMF (electromotive force) and 2).  level of ionization in the atmosphere.

It is so cool that communication by prayer never breaks down. Wasn't it Tesler who believed that all the universe, inclusive of human life, is in unison on the same frequency?  So being, we all are able to mind-wave communicate with God and we are invited by Him to do so. Any thoughts?

Reverend Andrew Baker, MRE., MMin.
KJ4FOF "Andy

 Want to know more? E-mail to my site address chaplain@w4vo.org  or abakerissaved@aol.com.