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 Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau
 K-98 Radio
 Floyd County
 Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce

 Atlanta Radio Club
 Barrow County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Club
 Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club
 Cherokee County ARES
 Dalton Amateur Radio Club (Dalton, GA)
 Georgia Tech Radio Club
 Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society
 Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club
 Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club
 Paulding Amateur Radio Club (Paulding Co., GA)
Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
 South Fulton ARES
 Tri-State Amateur Radio Club (Ft. Oglethorpe, GA)
 West Georgia Amateur Radio Society

 Federal Communications Commission
 Georgia A.R.E.S.
 SouthEastern Repeater Association
 U.S. Army Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)
US Repeaters

 Amateur Radio Newsline
 Amateur Radio Trader
 CQ Radio Amateur's Journal
 Jim's Gazette (Digital Radio)
 Monitoring Times
 Nuts and Volts
 World Radio

 Antique Radios/Boat Anchors
 A.G. Tannenbaum Manuals and BA Parts
 Amateur Radio Homebrew Projects on the Net
 Antique Electronic Supply
 Teletypewriter (RTTY)
 Packet Radio
 Introduction and Downloads
 What is Packet Radio

 Ham Radio Outlet
 TechAmerica/Radio Shack

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