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NGARC VE Testing is now held Quarterly, on the First Saturday of January, April, and July.

Testing sessions are conducted on the Campus of Shorter University, in classrooms in the Randall H. Miner Fine Arts Building. Registration opens at 9:45 AM. Testing begins promptly at 10:00 AM. This is a W5YI Accredited VE Testing Session.

Currently the testing fee is $14.00. NGARC VE Team accepts cash and checks for test session payment.

If you are not currently licensed, you will need to bring TWO forms of photo identification. A valid State issued Driver's License or Identification Card is preferred. Please bring a copy of your identification to be filed with your application for License.

If you are currently licensed, please bring a COPY of your current license along with the original, and one other form photo identification (please bring a copy of this identification also).

NGARC VE Testing Sessions may also be held at other times and locations during the year.

Please check this site frequently for dates to be posted.